So, it’s your first time at the hippodrome.

You can buy a ticket (at the ticket office or online) to the grandstand or the VIP area. The ticket office is located at the main entrance. There is free guest parking opposite the grandstand.
After purchasing an entrance ticket, you can go to the grandstand of the Krasnodar hippodrome. Here you can buy a race card, which gives you important information about the coming horseracing, it will help you to orientate and make a good prediction in the horse betting.
There’s also an outdoor cafe in the grandstand, and there’s always an equestrian rental and a playground for the younger guests.
The grandstand seating is non-numbered, so you can sit wherever you like. From the upper rows, you can see the whole racetrack.
There are 3 VIP areas for the guests to choose from: the Equestrian Bower (opposite the racetrack), the Balconies (on the left side of the grandstand) and the Marquees (on the right side of the stage).


During the racing season, we have horse trials on Saturdays from 11 a.m., or in simple terms, horse races. The most iconic events of the season are considered to be:
– The opening of the racing season,
– Krasnodar Grand Prix Derby and the Annual Hat Festival,
– Krasnodar Region Governor’s Cup,
– Autumn Cup of Horse Breeders of the Russian Federation.
The horse races are broadcast by the Horse World TV channel, which is a permanent partner of the Krasnodar Hippodrome. A large number of residents and guests of Kuban visit the Krasnodar Hippodrome during the days of big traditional prizes.
Before the start of each race, you can see the participants when they parade in front of the grandstand. Horses gallop on a racetrack. The spectators can assess the physical shape, or, in racing terminology, the order of each contender to win. All important information about the coming races: name of prize, distances, prize fund, time of start, names and background of the horses, names of jockeys, trainers and owners, number of prizes won, finesse and current rating are available in the race day programme, which can be purchased in the grandstand area.


All jockeys are weighed before the start of the race day and prize jockeys immediately after the race. The weight with the saddle must not exceed the permissible standard of 55 – 58 kg, it depends of the age and sex of the horse and the importance of the prize. An arbitrary weight is permitted only for jockeys, who participate in the steeplechase. Steeplechase is a race with the hurdles on a distance 3,000 meters.
Horses are brought into the starting boxes, set at a mark corresponding to the length of the distance. The judge rings the bell, the boxes open at the same time and the horses take the start. The race is accompanied by the referee’s car, the commentator announces the speed on each section and the change of leaders. A fierce fight for the victory unfolds on the finish line in front of the grandstand. Victory goes to the first one to cross the finish line. Judges record this moment with a camera (photo finish). The speed of the race is recorded by the timekeeper. Disputable issues are solved by the judge at the finish.
The winning horse goes to the awards ceremony with its trainer, jockey and owner. Spectators have the opportunity to cheer and congratulate their favorites once again and take commemorative pictures.


Hippodromes all over the world are popular places of resort. Horseracing is always an exciting spectacle. The event, which comes in the main mass of high society. This is a traditional secular entourage, expressed in the decoration of the stands, elegant and exotic outfits and hats, high stakes and passion. Men gather here to play and hold business meetings, and women to show off their new dresses. However, a love of horses makes people of all levels of wealth and social status a single whole. Horse racing is a social, but very democratic, pastime. At the finish line of Krasnodar Hippodrome emotions blow up everyone equally – both participants and spectators of all ranks and ages.
That’s all for starters, we hope that our Leaflet will help you to have a nice day at the horse racing!
See you on the grandstands of the Krasnodar Hippodrome!

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